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    • Product Details:
    • Product Group:Shopping Mall Mupi ads Light Box
    • Product Name:The best shopping centers ads light box
    • Brand Name:Adhaiwell
    • Model Number:W1.2 x H 1.8
    • Product Keyword:The best shopping centers ads light box
    • Size:W1.2 x H 1.8
    • Material:Aluminum
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    • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
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    • Payment Terms:TT
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    Listing Description:

    Its size is impressive for a program of indoor ads:The shopper is a light box large (1.20 x 1.80), which is located in the best areas of the shopping menter mall.It is an effective program to promote sales: 75% of brand decisions are made at the point of sale.It can travel directly to an urban and dynamic of a high social status at the time of fun and consumption.


    Detailed Description:

    Because shoppers are seen at close range, in an environment where there are many high-quality visuals and noble bill yields installed on them, must be of the highest quality available on the market. printout provides for their campaigns in 1440 dpi ecosolvente, resulting in colorful graphs where any skin tone or hair detail go unnoticed. Only the best for a shopper.

    Located in the best shopping centers, the shopper, is a high-impact program. This module is placed as traffic breaks, making it unavoidable. Rotation plans guarantee always fresh advertising.

    The Dynamic Shopper combines the imposing presence of the program Shopper with the movement and brightness of digital signage. Located in the corridors of the mall to traffic breaks mode, Dynamic Shopper presence is inescapable. A commanding presence and size of the module adds a dynamic internal element. Their campaigns are shown in different versions, and in high definition HD.

    High impact prints at a fraction of the cost.
    Unparalleled brightness and definition.
    Size and location unbeatable: traffic breaks the largest mall.
    Timely message in the right place.
    Captive audience and purchasing behavior.
    Effective range of the target young adult women and adolescents.
    If you want to impress the audience, and his message across memorably, the Dynamic Shopper is definitely the most effective among all the media available in a mall. We invite you to test this new support and directly check the results.

    Frame galvanized steel fixing plate, sealing with 4 sticks or anchor bolts, including template profile sash and frame in extruded aluminum coated RAL standard textured black powder paint finish baked Securit Glass 6mm. Format visible Showing: 1 700 x 1 140mm Opening assisted by two gas springs and locking 2 points with specific key versions: Wall, Portable single or double sided, static or dynamic (except double-sided dynamic) STATIC SYSTEM: retro version illuminated by three fluorescent tubes, extruded PMMA diffusing white mounted on aluminum perimeter frame

    HELD SYSTEM AND LIGHTING: Vertical Scrolling 2-6 paper posters,
    Backlight by four fluorescent tubes 58W managed by a clock
    Power supply: 220-240V - 50Hz single phase
    Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to +70 ° C
    Protection 30mA differential and grounded
    Posters: Paper or shelf (150 grams)
    Dimensions: 1755 x 1200 mm Hang posters by Zip Grip system

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