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  • Your Place: Solar Solution < Solar AD Billboard
  • The new generation of the Adhaiwell Outdoor advertising Solar Billboard Lighting kit is the perfect solution for solar billboard lighting solutions. Featuring low cost and industry-leading performance, the Adhaiwell packages are specifically for standard billboards. Each individual Adhaiwell Solar Billboard Lighting kit will perfectly illuminate a single-sided 30 ft wide billboard – without the added costs of electrical installation and operation.

    • Solar Solution LED Lighting Advertising Frontlit Billboard

    •  As an outdoor advertising company, the cost of lighting your billboards can be extremely high, and eat away large amounts of company profits. Solar solution advertising is your best choice.

    • Solar Outdoor Advertising Solution

    • Why Solar Outdoor Advertising?Outdoor Advertising is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year which generates repeated exposure to your potential customers.Outdoor Advertising captures your consumers on their way to the buy.

    • Solar Advertising Billboard

    • The Adhaiwell Solar Billboard Lighting Kit is designed and manufactured by specialized Solar Inc, an industry-leading powerhouse in the innovation of solar energy solutions for every day problems. With the Adhaiwell, you can rest assured that your Solar Billboard Lighting solution is professional designed, engineered and manufactured.



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