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  • Your Place: Mupi Light Box < Shopping Center Mall Media
  • Why run a mall advertising campaign?
    Because that’s where the money is being spent! Mall media advertising is the perfect way to impact consumers as they are about to make their final purchasing decisions. Each day, mall advertising campaigns reach communities of shoppers as they seek fashion trends and entertainment at their favorite mall. Malls offer an affordable and efficient media opportunity to reach targeted audiences through indoor mall billboards and kiosks, plus outdoor mall advertising locations.

    • Mall Ads boxes

    • These eight-foot high structures are part of our signature scrolling media solutions, and as such, they are unique and specially stand in the mall. In fact, these Scrolling  Posters alone, without advertisements playing, garner a lot of attention from curious pedestrians.

    • Mall scrolling Light Box

    • As shoppers eat their burgers and fries, they'll also be consuming and ingesting your brand message. Strategically located at the Mall food court is the Mupi Display - stand in the mall, easily noticed by all. Scrolling screen and can play both static and full motion graphics advertisements.

    • Brand Store Advertising Light Box

    • Its size is impressive for a program of indoor ads:The shopper is a light box large (1.20 x 1.80), which is located in the best areas of the shopping menter mall.It is an effective program to promote sales: 75% of brand decisions are made at the point of sale.It can travel directly to an urban and dynamic of a high social status at the time of fun and consumption.


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