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    • How to Build a Billboard Structure
    • Time:2012-09-04                Source: Haiwell Advertising Industrial Co., Limited

    Outdoor advertising is a great way to attract people to a business. But for every billboard you see on the roads, there's a great deal of though that goes into those billboard structures. These structures are designed to last through all four seasons and it's no easy task to build one.

    An outdoor billboard can serve the function of advertising quite well, thus potentially driving revenue growth. Pedestrians will walk by and see whatever advertisement the billboard displays. Further, people in cars will be able to see the prominently displayed signs and note down useful information such as contact telephone numbers and website addresses. You can also rent the billboard out to advertisers. Building an outdoor billboard is a simple process.



    Find the proper placement for your billboard. You need to gather the information about city and state regulations for the billboard. Figure out the dimensions of the space where you will be building the billboard. Determine the distance you wish the light fixtures to be from the catwalks. Remove any obstructions you possibly can from your final location.A billboard that is visible from a high overpass is built differently than one that you see on the wide open interstate. Other variables that will affect the way you build the billboard structure is the type of land the billboard structure will stand on and how big the billboard needs to be so that it's effective.

    Obtain the permit. Contact your local government and obtain a building permit. Make sure that your construction team arrives before the expiration of the permit. Notify others in the area of your building date as a courtesy.

    Measure the hole depth. The driller occasionally will not drill deep enough. You need to monitor his work in order to ensure compliance with your blueprint. In general, you should remain at the site during the construction. Choose the "V" or the angles of the sign faces with respect to the traffic. People in all the lanes should be able to clearly see what's on the billboard. Finally, oversee the concrete pour to make sure the job gets done right and the billboard is securely fastened to the ground.

    Determine the size of the billboard. Industry standard sizes are available for you to choose from, but this decision is up to you. A billboard can be any size and shape as long as its structure is sound and it's within code in your area.
    Arrange the billboard display faces. Determine if the billboard structure will have a face on one side or both sides. You should also determine the arrangement of the display faces, because some billboards have multiple faces on one side and some billboards even rotate to change the face.

    Research the applicable engineering standards. This billboard structure has to withstand all types of weather and climate conditions. You must make sure that the structure meets all city and county code laws.

    Draw up a plan. Like an architecture draws out a blueprint of a house, you need to have drawings of your planned billboard structure. These plans may need to be inspected before you can proceed.

    7Purchase all your necessary supplies. It's best to have all of your supplies before construction begins to speed up the process.

    Erect the billboard structure. City or county inspection may be necessary to ensure the billboard is up to the highest safety standards.

    Add lighting. This is a great feature to all billboards and it's best to add it when the structure is built. Lighting significantly increases the amount of money people will pay to advertise their business on that particular billboard.



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