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    Printing Flex

    Modern advertising techniques use many ways to convey a message to the consumers. Print media, however, is one of the oldest forms of advertising. It also remains to be one of the most popular forms because it can reach a wider target audience. There are various types of print media which help advertisers to target a particular segment of consumers.

    At Above All Advertising we have been successfully manufacturing tools for over a decade, creating a one step platform when it comes to helping you increase your brand recognition with our flags and banners. We offer the widest variety of custom advertising flags and banners to help you enhance the visibility of your brand. Each of our products are guaranteed to be constructed with a sharp focus on quality and aesthetic appeal.

    We pride ourselves on exclusively using the finest quality fabrics on the market. Our pole system constitutes a trademark composite; making the entire structure lightweight, yet sturdy and durable.

    We offer the best custom promotional flag printing using only the highest quality UV resistant ink to create physically appealing and highly durable products. 

    Check out our broad range of products to find out which one suits your needs.


    One_Two Way Vision Vinyl

    Create stunning graphics with our printable window film. One Way Vision, designed for use on commercial vehicles, Bus Shelters, Telephone Kiosks, Petrol Station Forecourt Displays, Public Transport and Shop Window Advertising. This self adhesive printable perforated window film can also be used to obscure vision in to offices (in daylight only) such as meeting rooms and other sensitive areas. Compatible with latex, UV, solvent, eco-solvent ink for digital printing.

    Two way vision for two-side visual communications.  It is printed one side, but seen through from both sides. It is excellent for interior application, specially good for high skyscraper glass graphics.  It can be made various applications to window graphics, glass wall advertising, P.O.P. displays and other places for novelty use. It is for solvent, eco-solvent, UV inkjet printing.





    Backlit Flex Banner

    Backlit Flex Banner is designed for use with solvent-based inkjet systems. The special surface coating optimizes ink adhesion and color reproduction for long-lasting brilliant prints. Backlit is a special translucent flex sign face material ideal for backlit displays offering a high printing quality when only printing a single strike image. 


    Backlit flex banner is used when you have lights pointing in the back of the banner as shown below. It is white opaque substrate with 510 GSM thickness.These banners have high transmittance. They are specially coated for digital printing.  They can be used outdoor and indoor with ease as they are weather resistant and water proof. More clear and visible image with back-light due to lower translucency.  Its compatible with most solvent printers. Backlit Flex Banner usually use on Large format light boxes, indoor or outdoor high resolution display advertising, airport light boxes, railway stations, subways, etc. 


    Frontlit Flex Banner


    Frontlit flex banner is used when you have lights pointing in the front of the banner as shown below. It is white opaque substrate with 340 gsm thickness. It has soft and delicate surface. These banners come in both gloss and matt finish. They can be used outdoor and indoor with ease as they are weather resistant.

    There is not much of difference in designing between frontlit and backlit flex. For backlit flex care should be taken to use right mix of colors which compliments, so that print quality is best as light is at back.

    Flex is usually employed for design which doesn't have lot of background color, images, logos etc as printing on flex is little pixilated /grainy when seen from close distance as compared to star flex which absorb color much better.


    PP Paper Printing

    PP Paper Printing is a indoors digital printing product. The main feature of PP paper is its endurance and water resist feature. But there are also non water proof PP papers. 


    PP paper printing is used for indoors. The non-adhesive version is to put inside the photo frames or to hang with an apparatus. The adhesive version is for plastering on the forex,foam boards. Can be preferred as glossy or matte versions depending on its exposition to the light on the area that it is used. PP paper printing have many varieties, such as Adhesive, non-adhesive, glossy and matte.

    After the PP paper is printed and peeled from the back paper, it is plastered with felt on the surface that it will be stick. If it is non adhesive version it is peeled and put on the frame directly. There is no need for an extra product for application. PP paper printing is an indoors product so therefore it does not need any kind of protection.


    Textiles Backlit Fabric

    Textiles Backlit Fabric is newest lightweight backlit fabric for Dye Sub transfer printing, featuring an extreme white point. This fabric is excellent for retail and SEG prints requiring the brightest white possible. 

    Textiles Backlit fabrics use for dye sublimation direct and transfer printing, as well as coated textiles for solvent printing, Eco-solvent printing, UV printing and Latex printers with flame-retardant, waterproof ,mildew proof, washable, Foldable, without crease.

    The textile backlit fabric main apply to Light Boxes, Frameless Light Boxes Display, banner. Advertisements on large light box in airport, subway, stores, department stores, specialty stores etc, which cover cosmetics, jewelry, mobile phone, watches, clothing, cars, on the picture color, saturation, transmission of light, clarity, weathering.


    Backlit PET Films

    Backlit PET Films are semi-opaque, translucent display films with a dimensionally stable, robust and tear-resistant polyester base. They have been developed to be used in light boxes and other backlit displays without additional diffuser film and offer brilliant, captivating images. Both films are being printed on the front. which is widely used as advertising material, Light box,  outdoor and indoor advertisement. Both backlit films are fully compatible with all water based dye and pigmented inks which are used in large format printers

    Backlit Front Print PET is a polyester backlit, one side is coated with a translucent matte ink-receptive layer for inkjet printing and the other side is gloss. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor static backlit applications, such as light boxes at retail outlets, shopping malls, indoor stadiums, airports, subway, multiplexes, hotels & restaurants.

    Backlit PET film is perfect to be used on various display stands such as Roll up stand,  Pop UP stand, X stand, L stand,   also it could be used for indoor and outdoor posters or banners.




    Printing Flex

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