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  • Your Place: Mupi Light Box
  • Mupi light box are more effective than our competitor's as they are concentrated in areas of high traffic. Adhaiwell only has double-sided faces to maximize visibility. We avoid 'dead' locations, in fact we have the highest percentage close to shopping centers leading to higher modal targeting. We have introduced new modern signage, which is manufactured in our specialized factories, meaning your message is shown to the best advantage. The extension panel at the top of these signs can be customized to include additional branding.

     Available in both large and small sizes. Adhaiwell applies the reliable technology used in large scrolling posters also in its smaller scrollers light box. Adhaiwell of Mupi light box also can be scrolling light box which is used for scrolling system display of several pictures to achieve great advertising effect.

     mupi light box 01

    All glass, single or double-sided Gas springs are used to open and close the frame. Once closed, the interior work is protected against water and dirt.

    ADHaiWell's Mupi scrolling posters are built with the same tried-and-tested technology as used in large scrolling  posters. Fully digitally operated, and up to six paper posters per side. The precise digital control ensures that this functions smoothly. Both single- and double-sided.  

    Fully digitally controlled and up to

    6 posters per side.

    City Light Posters box are the backbone of every outdoor advertising campaign. Adhaiwell's premium advertising media display your posters in high-quality frames. Background illumination accentuates your messages, letting them shine at night. Some of our displays feature scrolling technology, adding motion to your motifs and grasping the attention of passers-by.
    Creative implementations with our scrolling system display cases allow for unusual, original, and buzz-generating creative campaigns.

     airport mupi light box

    If you order a large quantity, the design of the base, material and colour can be customized to your specific needs.
    All glass, single- or double-sided scrolling light box or static light box.

    outdoor mupi light box city light box scrolling light box advertising light box

    Of the two display cases on the sides of the city information panel Intelligent Series, on contains a city map, the other one serves as advertising space. Both standard-poster-format cases are back-lit and protected by safety glass. The city information panel is installed freestanding. An elegant, minimalist frame for city maps and advertising posters.


    Poster Rapid Fixed Device   is a new type device (poster fixed or poster holder)  for fixed and hold the advertising poster on backlit or static light box quickly and fast and best.
    No clips, no ties, no pins, no glue, no adhesive tapes,simply push the poster up and it's held in the place. With Poster Rapid Fixed , installing poster is as easy as that!
    Poster Rapid Fixed ( poster holder device ,poster holder frame ,sign holders,poster fixed equipment ) is a simple, yet ingenious solution suitable for the diverse sizes and materials.

    Use Backlit Flex  to replace the White Milk polycarbonate sheet. More easy, more economic, better transmission of light!

    What is Latest Digital Signage? 

    You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage.

    Digital LCD Display Advertising Signage Screens have become the ideal solution to advertise your products or services.Using a LCD advertising screen, "digital signage" allows for the greater control and flexibility over how a message is delivered to your targeted audience. Digital signage is the use of digital technology such as a digital screen and software to deliver content such as information, advertisements and entertainment to a captive audience.

    Advertising Player - Digital LCD Signage 

    Digital & Touching LCD Advertising Player for Retail, POS and POI 

    - Simple Design and solid built

    - Easy USB update function

    - IR Infrared Body Motion Sensor and Remote Control

    - Durable quality - long hour play and replay

    - VESA bracket for easy shelf / wall mount

    LCD Digital Signage Equipment - Advertising Player

    LCD advertisement player enhance customer experience directly at POS. Digital Signage devices e.g. Retail multi media display players running dynamic content like videos and animations as visual eyecatcher accompanied with audio for acoustic experience are definitely affecting customers at the point of decision in front of products and service.

    1. Adopt hardened metal shell,antistatic,preventing magnetic strong interference.
    2. With 3mm thickness tempered glass as protection layer against the surface of LCD screen.
    3. Adopt newest A+LCD screen,high contrast ration,high brightness,last longer and work better.
    4. Optional for VGA Port, HDMI port.Compatible all formats.
    5.Safely locking system to avoid flash memory card and advertising playing contents being taken away, also can be protected by password.
    6. Playing advertising program automatically and circular.
    7. Build-in clock and calendar function in the system of player.
    8. Automatically turn up or down the volume of ad media player after finished the period of time setup to machine according to your requirements.Support 5 groups of auto power-on/off timer,able to set those 5 groups of time one day and 7 days in one week.
    9. Support 1080P Full HD Video and picture.
    10. With scrolling marquee and angle icon display for any interval and segment quantity.
    11. Automatic restart and shutdown periodically.
    12. Adopt an external power adapter to supply power,more safe and reliable.
    13. Automatic recognize PAL/NTSC video display.
    14. Support key operation and IR remote control.
    15. The scientific Golden Angle Design is adopted for the body, super-thin and light machine body.

    CE Certifications

    CE Certifications scrolling system kitsCE Certifications for SPDE  scrolling kits

    Mupi Light Box

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