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    • Product Details:
    • Product Group:Tri-Face Display
    • Product Name:Trivision Display
    • Brand Name:Adhaiwell
    • Model Number:FV-100
    • Product Keyword:Trivision Advertising
    • Size:TBD
    • Material:Environmental Aluminum Alloy
    • Payment & Shipping Terms:
    • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
    • Min. Order Quantity:5
    • Delivery Time:25 days
    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Packaging Details:Packed with cardboard
    • Production Capacity:5000 sqr meter/month

    Listing Description:

    Adhaiwell's Tri-Face Billboard sets the standard for reliability
    Low cost of maintenance and ownership provides an outstanding value
    Proven dependable under adverse conditions and heavy wind loads

    Detailed Description:

    1) Primary material: Environmental aluminum alloy
    2) Driving: Double-gear stepping wheel driving system
    3) Specification of external frame (W x T): 145 x 160mm
    4) Width of triangle prism: 100mm; Thickness 1.35~2.0mm
    5) Weight: 20kg/sqm
    6) Image combination: Triangular prism 8.0m, without joint and no length
    7) Image gap: about 10mm
    8) Image flipping time: Each face 6 - 12sec (preset)
    9) Controlling system: Siemens
    10) Image stop time: set freely between 7 seconds to 900 seconds.
    11) Power supply: Voltage 220/110V, current 0.54A, frequency 50Hz, power 90W
    12) Motor: 90W original Panasonic motor
    13) Wind resistance: 10 class
    14) Operation service life: Qualified installation will ensure normal service life up to 10 years based on 16 hours each day
    15) Flipping performance (only one type can be set ex works based on
    Customers' requirements)
    A) Synchronization
    B) Wave type
    C) Curtain opening type
    D) Curtain closing type
    E) Flipping step by step
    F) Flipping from part to part
    16) Available for T pattern poles, rooftop ads, building wall ads and
    Intersection large size outdoor billboards
    Packing: Packed with cardboard

    Tri-vision Display structure
    We are a professional tri-vision billboard manufacturer and supplier in China. To satisfy your various demands, we produce a wide range of three sided billboards for both indoor and outdoor advertising. According to their installation places, we have unipole tri-vision billboard, building wall tri-vision billboard, ground tri-vision billboard, shopfront tri-vision billboard, and building top tri-vision billboard. As per their size, we have small tri-vision billboard, mini tri-vision billboard and large tri-vision billboard. Apart from these, we also have peculiar tri-vision billboard. A tri-vision billboard, as its name suggests, combines three billboards in one. As the operator gets three or more advertisements instead of one, this type of billboard is more cost-effective, becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising. With its strong visual impact and value-added advertising function, our tri-vision billboard is superior to ordinary billboards, and is also different from other outdoor advertising media like neon lights and LED screens.
    Currently tri-vision billboard is widely applied to the commercial streets, busy roads, and cultural squares etc. are able to offer global customers high-quality, low-priced 3-sided billboards. Our tri-vision billboards can also be customized to suit your specific requirements. As our products are easy to assemble, install, and simple to maintain, they can bring you maximum convenience. In addition to tri-vision billboards, we also produce other products such as scrolling light boxes and scrolling systems. If we can help you with your advertising needs, please feel free to contact us! 

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