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  • Your Place: Outdoor Billboards < Gantry Billboard
    • Product Details:
    • Product Group:Gantry Cross Road Billboard Display
    • Product Name:Gantry Billboard Advertising
    • Brand Name:Adhaiwell
    • Model Number:Gantry01
    • Product Keyword:Spectacular Billboards of Gantry Display
    • Size:W12-H3
    • Material:Hot dip galvanized steel
    • Payment & Shipping Terms:
    • Place of Origin:in Guangzhou,China
    • Min. Order Quantity:1
    • Delivery Time:30 days
    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Packaging Details:Spare Parts with Bolts and Nut
    • Production Capacity:10sets/month

    Listing Description:

    A “Gantry billboard” means a billboard fixed to an overhead structure, usually spanning a road. It is a double-sided advertising steel structure, therefore offers the advertiser the option of advertising to either side of the traffic.Gantry billboard is a double-sided structure, offering advertisers the opportunity to advertise to traffic either entering or leaving the city.

    Detailed Description:

    Gantry as a medium of advertising is highly advantageous because it attracts the attention of your potential buyer that too within a span of few seconds. Gantries may also display useful directional information and hence they are difficult to miss ! They deliver high impact and allow for an effective long term presence in the market due to their prominent positioning and large display size.

    Spectacular Billboards - Highway Exposure
    Highway Billboards
    Highway Spectaculars include billboards of various sizes in both landscape and portrait format that are situated next to major highways.
    Gantry Billboards
    Gantry billboard is a double-sided structure, offering advertisers the opportunity to advertise to traffic either entering or leaving the city.
    Advertiser Benefits of Highway Exposure Billboards
    Highway and Gantry billboards offer a captive audience;
    Habitual patterns as people go about their regular activities
    Travel speed limits: min 60 km/h and maxi 120 km/h
    Motorists and commuters spend approximately 30-45 minutes on weekday traffic daily
    High reach audience - weekly peak hour traffic volume is approximately: 277,726
    Frequency exposure ensures brand and message recognition
    Billboards integrate visuals into other media, creating visual connection and brand dominance and visibility
    Highway billboard advertisements offer a creative platform for brands to "stand out"
    Billboards are fully customizable; cut-outs are provided as required
    Illumination provides 24-hour exposure and visibility
    Quick changeovers
    Ideal for high impact launch, short or long-term campaigns
    Long-term brand presence with high impact in high-volume thoroughfares.

    Our Advantages:
    1. The Billboard can resist the wind.
    2.The paint can prevent wind abrasion and can sustain high temperature.
    3. Anti-rust and Anti-Ultraviolet surface.
    4. Ensure the service lifetime for 10 years
    5.High strength, sturdy and durable, high earthquake resistance. The design, based on the principle of mechanics and aesthetic concept, can meet different demands with its safe, accurate and attractive features.
    6. The structure is flexible and can be assembled and dismantled in a matter of hours
    7. High quality. The steel web frame structure and stable supportive system work together. Each component is connected with high strength friction grip bolt.
    8.Short construction periods, nice appearance, mechanized production and easy installation


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