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    • Product Details:
    • Product Group:Scrolling Mega Board
    • Product Name:Scrolling Mega Board
    • Brand Name:Adhaiwell
    • Model Number:Mega 01
    • Product Keyword:Scrolling System Signage Advertising Billboard
    • Size:3200mm X 2200mm
    • Material:hot-dip galvanized steel with powder-coated
    • Payment & Shipping Terms:
    • Place of Origin:In Guangzhou, China
    • Min. Order Quantity:2
    • Delivery Time:25 days
    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Packaging Details:Plywood
    • Production Capacity:20 / month

    Listing Description:

    Adhaiwell is China scrolling megaboard and mega billbaords and mega box and mega advertising billboard sign  manufacturer. This advertising media is used in airports, stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, entertainment place ,golf course , office building and some other place for advertising  plaza.

    Detailed Description:

    Billboard with silver-screen appeal. Designed like a high-end monitor, the City Light Board presents illuminated billboard advertising. The web-based surveillance system updates the service team online, allowing them to react timely in case of malfunction. Available with scrolling technology for up to four individual posters.
    Height (top ground surface): 5700 mm; Width (front view): 3200 mm; Height base (top ground surface): 2500 mm; Width (side view): 500mm; Weight base: ca. 320 kg; Weight body: ca. 800 kg; Material: hot-dip galvanized steel, powder-coated ,acrylic glass

    Technical characteristics of Scrolling light box  
    Scrolling light box Technical Features:
    1. Cutting-edge technology, Europe and the United States simultaneously,
    at a fixed interval grid dynamic infinite.
    2. Electromechanical integration, electronics part of the high-precision
    sensor positioning, mechanical parts with the main, driven transformation,
     self-regulating devices, rotating fluid.
    3. Acceptable non-standard specifications of the custom, size from
    40 cm × 80 cm to 5 m × 6 Mi arbitrary production.
    4. Size can do one-sided and double-sided or multi-surface models,
    also due to demand for production of scroll left or scroll up and down.
    5. May require production of hanging style, vertical and wall-mounted.
    6. Small release of the machine is close structural design, will reduce
    the overall weight of the lightest, and structural stability.
    7. Small and medium-wide machine bonding parts made of stainless steel
    rust-proof parts, and set the water-proof device.
    8. Shell material can be designed to spray cold-rolled steel plate,
    stainless steel material and aluminum alloy-based materials, a variety
    of materials, shell color can be produced in accordance with customer needs.
    9. The same light box can be displayed on the order 2-25 pieces of different
    advertising images. Advertising can be any increase or decrease the screen,
    easy to replace.
    10. Set up automatic startup, shutdown procedures, with leakage protection.

    Scrolling Megaboard

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