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    Backlit Board Manufacturers & Backlit Board Suppliers

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    The LED Light Panel is a cutting edge, ultra slim, light source that offers solutions for a multitude of lighting applications including: architectural lighting, illuminated display, retail lighting, interiors lighting and illuminated graphics. LED Light Panels can be supplied with graphics which can be applied directly to an opal diffuser attached to the face of the panel for high impact or without graphics for a simple ultra thin light source. As the LED light sheet is so thin and can be cut to a variety of shapes and sizes it opens up a whole new world of lighting opportunities.

    LED light panels are made up of an 8mm thick sheet of clear acrylic with high brightness LED light strips embedded into a channel at the edge of the acrylic. To ensure the optimum distribution and output of light, the face of the acrylic is etched with a series of fine lines which refract the LED light outwards.

    These etched lines are one of the main noticeable differences between the two types of light panels. The Stripe LED light panel has graduated etched parallel lines in a single direction on the surface, whereas the Matrix LED light panel has a series of vertical and horizontal lines creating a uniform grid, or matrix. The reason for the differing etched patterns is the stripe engraved pattern is individual to that particular panel whereas the matrix is cut down from larger sheets, meaning the Stripe LED Matrix is made more specifically for the size specified.

    The other main difference is the Stripe LED light panel utilises higher brightness LEDs which offer a higher light output. To optimise the light output the LED light panels have a reflective white backing sheet on the rear to ensure all available light is reflected out of the front. In both cases the etched lines on the face coupled with the reflective backing on the rear offers the brightest and most even light possible from the surface of the LED light panel.

    The LED light panels also offer energy efficient lighting as the high brightness LEDs are powered by a low energy consumption 12 volt DC power supply, with simple and smart electrical inverters and connectors. The light panels are low maintenance as they are made with high quality durable components which ensure the longest lifespan possible, estimated to be over 70,000 hours long.

    To ensure the longevity of the LEDs, it is essential that they are thermally managed. The heat generated by the LEDs is controlled by a special heat sink that is fitted to the rear side of the panel which dissipates the heat away from the LEDs. In the Matrix LED light panel the heat sink is an angled strip of metal which is held in place, along with other components, with a waterproof tape to seal the light panel. In the Stripe LED light panel the heat sink is actually a rear metal frame which as well as channelling the heat away from the LEDs also holds the panel and LEDs in place.

    The Matrix LED light panel can be supplied in various LED colour temperatures or even with RGB colour changing LEDs. Light panels with RGB colour changing LEDs can be supplied with a DMX controller to manage the colour changing and the sequencing. The LED light sheets can also be supplied with a dimmable controller unit to allow the user complete control of the brightness of the lighting for the perfect ambience.

    LED light panels are available in different shapes and sizes up to a size of 3000mm x 1200mm; for sizes larger than this we would recommend the LED light wall.


    Backlit Board

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