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  • Your Place: Scrolling Megaboard < Scrolling Megaboard
  • Scrolling mega-board and Mega Panel’s large display area creates instant impact in the outdoor environment. It’s flexibility in fitting to any road and plaza and supper city square facing either pedestrian or vehicular traffic allows you to customize networks to meet every advertising objective.

    • Scrolling Mega Board

    • Adhaiwell is China scrolling megaboard and mega billbaords and mega box and mega advertising billboard sign  manufacturer. This advertising media is used in airports, stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, entertainment place ,golf course , office building and some other place for advertising  plaza.

    • Scrolling Light Box Billboard

    • The most reliable scrolling posters are manufactured by Adhaiwell.    
      At last, a new generation of scrolling posters. Adhaiwell has reinvented the product, and has eliminated the most vulnerable elements from the existing products. The special casing and base that was developed for Adhaiwell can be adjusted to meet your needs with regard to shape and colour.  Adhaiwell Digital is available as a stand-alone, single- or double-sided or wall mounted. The casing is durable, waterproof, treated to withstand weather influences and can handle wind load.

    • Outdoor Scrolling Megaboard

    • Adhaiwell of Mega Sign offers customers a variety of customizable signs. A customer would be able to choose many types of display signs, LED signs, scrolling  signs ,backlit sign, static light box sign, flex dispaly sign ,PVC sign. We provide various sized signs, ranging from small to large, indoor or outdoor, and more. This means, that whether you have a small business or a huge corporation, we have many types of signs that fit your needs, without burning a hole in your pockets. 

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