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    • A New Notion of Media - Digital Signage
    • Time:2013-01-10                Source: Haiwell Advertising Industrial Co., Limited
    A new notion of media-digital signage
    Digital Signage is a new media concept, refers to the large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other people gathered in public places, by big-screen terminal display device, information publishing business, financial and entertainment multimedia professional a/v system. Its aimed at a specific physical location, specific time periods to specific groups of people playing characteristics of ad information, gives the advertising effect. In other countries, it was also par with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, called the "fifth media". 
    Recipient of the audience refers to the dissemination of information, including print and book readers, Internet users and viewers of the broadcast audience, film and television. Audiences from a macroscopic point of view is a huge collection, from the microscopic point of view embodied for people with rich social diversity. In short is the recipient of information dissemination, including audience of readers of newspapers and books, radio, film and television audiences, IV rise of media networks make audiences increasingly broad. Since the Mass Media becomes a science, who is central to the audience in news dissemination activities has been one of numerous studies and discussions. Early media scholar from a publicity perspective, has proposed a "bullet theory" and "strong results" theory, its essence is to think of the audience as a passive recipient of information, it is clear that these theories are living in the Centre. With the development of research, communications scholars have found audiences and is not simply a passive recipient, are not homogeneous, different audiences for the same information can produce different responses, the audience's role in the dissemination of the process began to get attention. 
    Brand is to give owners of premium, produced added value of an intangible asset, his carrier is used to distinguish products or services and other competitors by name, term, symbol, mark, or design and combination, source of value added from the impressions on its carrier formed in the mind of the consumer. 
    Brand is a category of cognitive standardization, standardization of information or series of products. To reach markets highlight the role and market differences. Branding is to create difference set themselves apart.
    CPM is a media or media waiting tables (SCHEDULING) served 1000 people or "families" of costing unit. This can be used to evaluate any media, any demographic group and any total cost. It convenient to indicate a media and other media, a waiting tables and another media waiting table of relative costs. CPM is not advertisers measured media only, just for the measure of last resort and for different media to develop a relative indicator. 
    Monitor is a computer's I/O devices, that input. It can be classified as CRT, LCD and so on. It is a certain type of electronic file transfers through a particular device displayed on the screen and display tool of reflection to the human eye.
    VPN in English stands for "Virtual Private Network", translated is "virtual private networks". VPN is defined through a public network (usually the Internet) to establish a temporary connection, security, is a public network through the chaos of security and stability. Using the tunnel several times encrypted data can achieve the purpose of the safe use of the Internet. Virtual private network is extended to the intranet. A virtual private network can help remote users, branch offices, business partners and suppliers establish a credible security connection with the company's internal network, used to cost-effectively connect secure extranet for business partners and user virtual private network. Main tunnel VPN technology, encryption and decryption, key management and user and device authentication technologies. 
    Business Model is a complete system of products, service and information flows, including one in which participants and their role, as well as potential benefits for each participant and the corresponding sources and modalities. Analysis in the process of business model focused on a class of enterprises in the market and users, suppliers, other relations of cooperation, in particular the logistics, information flow and capital flow between them.
    Server a management resources and provide services to users of computer software, usually divided into file servers, database servers and application servers. Run the above software a computer or computer system is also called the server. Relative to the General PC, server in terms of stability, security, performance, require higher CPU, chipset, hardware such as memory, disk systems, and network and ordinary PC is different.

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