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  • Industry Knowledge is a window for information on professional advertising, companies and services . By developing constantly to reflect the industry's needs, The Knowledge guarantees that it is the place to turn to for advertising production  and services. A wide range of formats and flexible advertising options enables you to get your message to the people who need your services, whether they are in the production office or on location !

    • Why Outdoor Advertising Billboard

      Also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, this is a broad term that describes any type of advertising that reaches the consumer when he or she is outside of the home.

      Outdoor advertising is a mass-market medium, just like broadcast. It is better used for broad messages, branding and support campaigns. It cannot do the heavy lifting, and any attempts to do so will usually lead to a very cluttered and confusing message.

      The most common forms of outdoor advertising include:

      Billboard advertising

      Point of sale displays

      Street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths etc)

      Transit advertising and wraps (taxis, buses, subways, trains etc)

      Mobile billboards

      Guerrilla advertising (aka ambient media)

      Costs Associated With Outdoor Advertising

      As with other forms of mass-market communication, reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers is not cheap. And as competition for billboard spaces increases, so do the associated costs.

      To understand the costs involved, it's important to know how they're calculated. It's based on a system called Gross Ratings Points (GRP), which refers to impressions that are delivered by a media schedule for the outdoor location. This is called the DEC, or Daily Effective Circulation, and is also known as a "showing." One rating point is equal to 1% of the market population.

      There are many factors involved in this, which is based on traffic, visibility, location, size and so on. This rating gives you a showing score of anything from 1% to 100%. 50% means that at least 50% of the population in the area would see one of your boards at least once a day. You can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a 50 showing for one month. In a major area like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, expect the price to skyrocket. You really do get what you pay for.

      More reasons for using Outdoor
      Flexibility: Whatever your campaign objective outdoor is the perfect vehicle to communicate with consumers. Furthermore with fast production turnaround you can get your message out on the streets quickly.
      Coverage: Research from other markets indicates that almost
      90% of a country's population will see Outdoor every week. The same is undoubtedly true in the Middle East where there are sites in every metropolitan area and on every major road and where traffic levels are high and rising.
      The right message at the right time: Outdoor can reach your
      audience at the crucial moment - in close proximity to where the purchasing takes place. It has the ability to target people at the right time, when they are in the right frame of mind.
      Impact and efficiency: Outdoor grabs attention when people are driving or stuck in traffic, it comes at no cost to the consumer. In fact it is the world's fastest growing medium since it offers the opportunity to build frequency, fast. On Outdoor high impact creative will get you noticed, time and again.
      24 Hour exposure: Illuminated panels ensure that our sites work for you day and night.
      Reaching the masses: Brand building is about becoming a
      household name, and as other mediums continue to deliver ever
      more fragmented audiences, Outdoor can be relied on to reach
      more of the people, more of the time.



    • Ten new trends in outdoor advertising

      1. As new technologies emerge, the pattern and design of outdoor advertising is also changing. The most basic substrate is also the ever-changing billboards, and so from the tape to the elastic fabric to make ads more durable, new digital technology can be printed in one hour system of the whole lot of giant advertising images, rich three-dimensional creative design, fiber and other amazing effects, are all terms used in the billboard. 2. Ran out of street advertising. On the other hand, today's emerging "ran out of the street," the ad also led to the concept of outdoor advertising market will become more prosperous. This concept has been confirmed to bring decent profits. "Ran out of the Street Outside "billboard is outside the building refers to those billboards promote their business, it is logical to include those in high traffic sites or ads that appear busy, but not necessarily limited to billboards, such as bus stop shelters, bus body, bus pass, train stations and subway platforms and waiting areas, street benches, airports, shopping malls and even introduced for the picture painted on the wall and so on. 3. Outdoor advertising industry into the lead. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association statistics show steady growth in outdoor advertising each year, a great future. In a variety of outdoor advertising media, billboards are very popular outside the U.S. Advertising Federation pointed out that there are about 400,000 billboards nationwide. clothing designer Calvin Klein does not rely on words to express, which used black and white billboard with a strong contrast is remarkable, certainly when the target person left in the passing impressed. CK this trick was very successful because the results have also attracted other retailers to follow suit.
      4. Is no longer a road pollution. Another trend of advertising is more localized. U.S. Qicheng of advertising from local customers. From the customer point of view, the local car dealer in their area billboards published, often business development "catalyst." Similarly, the number of billboards, public service information to the public transport. outdoor advertising company in the United States has donated millions of dollars worth of outdoor advertising, billboards, virtually no longer be regarded as the "road pollution ", but rather contribute to society. This is important, it proves that outdoor advertising is the" loyalty "rather than" rape "of the.

      5. Changing advertising design. With billboards advertising the changing geographical distribution, but also changing the appearance of billboards, no longer just a simple planar design. Today's three-dimensional advertising particularly noteworthy, as well as fiber optics and brilliant Neon lights are radiant night. automatic rotation of the three billboards, digital technology may have the greatest impact outdoor advertising nowadays. Computer colorful ink-jet printing, electrostatic and digital technology make sweeping gas reborn outdoor advertising screen, outdoor advertising media to promote more diversified. other new advertising technology also contributed to the further development of outdoor advertising. new satellite lighting system remote control to adjust the outdoor advertising company to license out to meet the seasonal and daily changes in light can also be pre-programmed.

      6. Other electronic device ---- Bar Coding Identification System can monitor the entire advertising program. Through the bar coding identification system, advertisers use outdoor advertising on-line communications and contact the company at any time to verify the progress of advertising programs. The same , the PC market survey data with geographic distribution of population, determine the best outdoor advertising sites.

      7. Global Positioning System is another very useful new technology. The outdoor advertising industry can use the placement decision latitude and longitude lines. First, advertisers can be hand-held global positioning system receivers to receive satellite radio signals, then the relevant geographical mapping data entry database system, database system will then be followed to locate and image display billboards at the place of the existing other outdoor advertising.

      8. Three-dimensional advertising into a new trend. Although the present three-dimensional billboards not replace traditional billboards, in major cities in the United States, especially Los Angeles and New York City, it has become an effective advertising medium. When the billboard industry tend to rely on as outdoor advertising purposes on the occasion, three-dimensional advertising has proven very attractive, eye-catching eye-catching design makes impressive natural result, advertising effectiveness doubled. three-dimensional advertising will play a revolutionary changes in business already know how to use three-dimensional and mechanical shape the distinctive characteristics of outdoor advertising. billboards tricks is endless, including the will smoke, the smell of jet production and three-dimensional physical and other items. will issue a fragrance advertising design is undoubtedly the Internet should be the highest level.

      9. Around the flow of body advertising. The way mobile advertising is becoming more popular. Advertisers have devised ingenious schemes to walk on the streets designated bus wrap advertising image. The body of the advertising end of the expected tape easy to replace, no one hours that the bus can be a face-lift, with new ads show people, to facilitate more frequent, "for face." body advertising is in fact not new ideas. laden vehicle had often been used as advertising of the goods, namely, New digital printing technology to achieve a giant screen production, promote the emergence of the idea of popular billboard. a company created in the framework of the system uses soft fabrics, rather than self-adhesive tape body image. In contrast, the framework of the system to soft materials more convenient, less time spent, hitch to load or remove the billboards will be bin. The results can be quickly replaced more frequently advertising, to obtain greater profits. Another company has focused on tracking the effectiveness of mobile billboards and methods installed in the truck trailer automatic vehicle location system, which system uses global positioning system. The information collected from the report, so advertisers do not like to go to Huang.

      10. Three sides translated into advertising favorite. Outdoor advertising billboards on three sides has grown up. As technology advances, these mobile billboards easier to control, more reliable and easier to maintain. Three billboards in addition to providing more screen display, but it was regularly turning more attractive design. In addition, these mobile billboards can be preset program in different ways and different time intervals through the program-controlled rotation. three billboards can be used for rotating waves, or like be as open and close blinds. maneuver whether such ads How effective? Action Graphix have commissioned a professional survey company to conduct investigations in this area. In short, the natural rotation of such billboard billboard revenue greater than the rest. Europe is also gradually the use of outdoor advertising as a continuation of the public relations campaign. Undeniably, outdoor advertising market in recent years has experienced "explosive development period." very simple reason, advertising screen more significantly, cheaper, faster made. billboards are will continue to maintain accounts for an important seat outdoor advertising industry, and expansion of outdoor advertising is still growing. This is certainly a lucrative market.


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