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  • Industry Knowledge is a window for information on professional advertising, companies and services . By developing constantly to reflect the industry's needs, The Knowledge guarantees that it is the place to turn to for advertising production  and services. A wide range of formats and flexible advertising options enables you to get your message to the people who need your services, whether they are in the production office or on location !

    • Ten reasons to choose outdoor advertising

      Approved by the authority, outdoor advertising revenue in the past five years has been sustained growth. In 1998, the UK's top 200 advertisers, 83% of the purchase in outdoor advertising media, and by 2002, this proportion increased to 93%. Meanwhile, since 1998, outdoor advertising revenue increased 23%. More importantly, in 2002, outdoor advertising revenues reached an unprecedented 600 million to 90 million pounds, the proportion of total media, rising to 8% (
      One reason: high

      Approved by the authority, outdoor advertising revenue in the past five years has been sustained growth. In 1998, the UK's top 200 advertisers, 83% of the purchase in outdoor advertising media, and by 2002, this proportion increased to 93%. Meanwhile, since 1998, outdoor advertising revenue increased 23%. More importantly, in 2002, outdoor advertising revenues reached an unprecedented 600 million to 90 million pounds, the proportion of total media, rising to 8%.

      Two reasons: can not resist

      Everyone must go out of the reach of outdoor advertising. And other media is different is that you do not need to open as TV, radio, magazines newspapers, or visit the Web site as a vehicle to take the initiative to reach out to see the ads, the outdoor fixed and free, with irresistible sex.

      Three reasons: easy to accept

      Outdoor advertising can be easily deployed in consumer activity will be out by the Department, and it can be very easy to harmonize with the surrounding environment (marketing thesis The charm of the outdoor media is that other media can not be compared. According to information from the authority of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) British Advertising Standards Authority survey: the public for outdoor advertising had been very positive attitude. He is considered to be rich in color and has the informational technology and for our lives is a carrier of humor and fun. The report also shows: the public acceptance of other media as outdoor media. The report highlights the fact is: If the ad is imposed on the consumer (such as TV commercials in), then the consumer for this form of advertising is very strong hostility, then the final result will be very negative.

      Four reasons: focus on growth

      With the increasing opportunities for people to go out, especially the young and wealthy generation, their degree of concern on outdoor advertising than ever before are also high.

      Five reasons: scientific measurement

      Outdoor advertising audiences, including street street advertising, advertising in London's subway and bus advertising, can be POSTAR (a world leader in audience measurement system) accurately measured.

      Reason six: the visual revolution

      Picture of some huge outdoor advertising, has a very strong visual impact, especially those installed in the buildings and the large highway billboards and a single column, so that each one can go through the eyebrows to avoid.

      Seven reasons: many forms

      In addition, the railway station advertising, bus shelter advertising, bus, taxi and in the center of the square of the big, electronic displays, shopping malls and billboards in the market-demand, etc., many forms. So, when consumers a house can be (their) impact and will have the right to purchase the desired behavior.

      Reason to eight: the production of advanced

      Increase in investment over the years, the quality of outdoor media production rising at the same time, outdoor media and technology to improve production standards (such as increased lighting and extended hours) also significantly expanded the range of interest groups.

      Reasons Nine: Super fit

      Outdoor advertising as a communication tool to convey information, other forms of media can not be compared. As the television audience continues to be the emerging digital imaging services to attract, so the advertisers increasingly rely on outdoor advertising to target audiences quickly come into contact with a number. Thus, in a particular geographical location it is very accurate and effective for specific populations to convey information.

      Reason to ten: innovative

      Outdoor advertising industry still continue to introduce new advertising concept and keen to use new technology to introduce new advertising models. For example: digital technology, mobile phone text messages, electronic display, sound and even some special smell, as long as they help customers with new and exciting ways, and consumers to communicate, the way that all are worth trying.

    • Landscape design of outdoor advertising awareness

      Abstract: Outdoor advertising is not only the representative of commercial culture, but also a modern city an important part of the landscape. Aiming at the development of China's outdoor advertising appears broken ring urban landscape conditions, this paper presents design of outdoor advertising should have a sense of landscape, specifically manifested as an overall sense of personal awareness and awareness of three aspects of place. Landscape in mind, outdoor advertising creative design approach should be in the environment of all valuable resources in an effective use and development of timely and appropriate manner borrowed landscape, visual design play a dynamic role in space.

              Keywords:: outdoor advertising; landscape awareness; integrity; personalized; place to experience 
              Abstract: Outdoor advertisement is an important element of modern urban landscape design as well as the  representative  of business culture. Currently, outdoor advertising has influenced urban designing. The paper holds that landscape awareness should be taken into account in outdoor advertising, which falls into integrity awareness, personalization awareness and field awareness. With landscape awareness, designers should take advantage of all valuable resources, employ natural landscape properly and display the role of design in space. 
              Keywords:: outdoor advertising; landscape awareness; integrity; personalization; field experience
              Outdoor advertising, after a few thousand years of development and evolution has become an integral part of modern urban landscape. For the outdoor advertising design study, from the focus on its functionality, transmitted to the aesthetic, cultural nature of the design until the development of today's diverse features, in this process reflects the depth of their knowledge, but also provides us with a Multi-angle study possible. The rapid development of urban construction in our country today, the various phenomena indicate that outdoor advertising is also facing the urgent need to solve is how to deal with the relationship between landscape and environmental issues.
              First, the status quo of China's outdoor advertising landscape of
              First, the outdoor advertising landscape as an entity, with diverse characteristics. Outdoor advertising as a modern landscape system, the representative of urban commercial landscape, its form has gone beyond the traditional two-dimensional billboard form, become a space for visual arts, the content along with the replacement of the advertisers are constantly changing, This makes the outdoor advertising of urban landscape system, the most active members. 
              Second, the outdoor advertising as a landscape element, with a marked characteristic. Kevin


    • On the simple design of LED electronic billboards

      Abstract As chip technology continues to evolve and high brightness LED light tube makes the emergence of large-screen high-brightness LED electronic advertising screens as possible, with the traditional neon sign in the display and can have a change of the unmatched advantages, and SCM increasingly civilian-oriented and innovative LED technology, making the bright clear LED dot matrix high billboards and neon signs of the traditional cost of increasingly close.
      Keywords LED billboard design

      1 LED electronic billboards definition
      2011 world-renowned authority Nielsen market research company called the following outdoor LED display TVs, computers, mobile phones after the 'fourth screen'. LED electronic billboards as a novel electronic dynamic graphic dot matrix display, is a mass that can be placed in power continuously since the release of information media, is a can heighten the atmosphere, the wonderful embellishment decorate the environment is a cutting edge in consumer advertising tool to attract thousands of eyeballs, whether by individuals to large businesses Brand manufacturers can take advantage of LED electronic scrolling display to attract customers, introduce products, demonstrate products and decorative spleen environment for businesses to create more wealth.
      2 LED electronic billboard features
      LED display with a colorful, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable, in many industries have been widely used, such as stations, terminals, shopping malls, banks and other public places will be LED? Display for information dissemination At present, more and more types of LED display, and brightness from the use of occasions to consider the external screen can be divided into indoor and outdoor, from the scan can be divided into dynamic and static scan scan display screen. LED light displays are commonly used microcomputer application products in an affordable output devices, its main advantage is to reduce costs, improve reliability and easy to implement, while the simple LED electronic billboards designed primarily through the use of microcomputer control system to achieve the display of Chinese characters and Chinese characters scroll up and down and move around to complete the three-dimensional design show in China's reform and opening up, as economic growth, release information to the public where the demand for strong, LED display appear to adapt to this market demand, LED display technology has been rapid development, LED display screen can show changes in the numbers, text, graphic images, not only for the indoor environment, outdoor environment can also be used with projectors, video walls the LCD can not match advantage. fluorescent compared with traditional fluorescent has the following advantages:
      (1 green, pollution-free. The traditional fluorescent lamp contains large amounts of mercury vapor, mercury vapor if broken will evaporate into the atmosphere. LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, and does not contain lead and mercury, protective effects on the environment. LED fluorescent recognized twenty-first century green lighting.
      (2 conversion efficiency and reduce fever. Will have a lot of heat of traditional lamps, and LED lighting is all the electrical energy into light energy, without causing waste of energy. But also for documents, clothing does not produce bleaching.
      (3 quiet comfort, there is no noise. LED lighting does not produce noise, precision electronic instruments for use on the choice of places to suitable for the library, office or any place.
      (4 soft light, protect the eyes. The traditional fluorescent lamp using AC, so will have 100-120 times per second strobe. LED lighting is to directly convert AC to DC, no flicker.
      (5 no UV, not to attract mosquitoes. LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet light, it will not be as traditional lamps, as there are many mosquitoes around the lamp next to the indoor become more clean and sanitary and clean.
      (6 voltage adjustable traditional fluorescent lamp ballast is released through the high voltage to light up, when you can not light up when voltage is reduced while the LED lighting in within a certain range of voltage can be lit, but also adjust brightness.
      (7 energy savings and longer life. LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is less than the traditional one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp life is 10 times, without replacement of long-term use can reduce labor and related costs, is more suitable for difficult to replace place.
      (8) solid solid, long-term use. LED lamp body itself, rather than using the traditional epoxy glass, more robust solid, hit the floor even if the LED is also not easily damaged, can be assured. Also easier to transport.
      LED dot matrix display is a micro-electronic technology, computer technology, information processing and integration of large-scale display systems used in this system is 16 * 16 dot matrix LED graphic display, ① display Chinese characters and a variety of common characters and other information, can be widely used in various places. has a simple structure, easy installation, font appearance, clear pattern analysis. high-performance MCU control, stable performance, high reliability, with a brown-out protection, and can be completely de- machine operation. ② large screen display system is generally composed by a number of small LED dot matrix module to a combination of building-block approach, each module has its own small independent control system, as long as the introduction of a combined The total controller commands and data of each module can be, this method is simple and has easy to show, easy maintenance features. Links to free download
      LED is light emitting diode (LED) abbreviation. By controlling the LED display is a kind of semiconductor light-emitting diode dot matrix modules or units consisting of planar pixel display screen.
      3 LED electronic billboard application
      'Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia', is looking forward to the 16th Asian Games on November 12, 2010 to 27 in Guangzhou, China, held in Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies sea, sand island home, located in the four magnificent 'Games of the boat', respectively, formed by the upper and lower two LED Sailing a boat, tied a total of eight Sailing up the opening and closing ceremonies performed in the background. Windsurfing each LED screen 30 meters wide, mounting height 86 m display area of ??8,000 square meters, is today the largest sector, led display screen.
      There PH10, PH12, PH16, PH20, PH25, PH31.5, can play a variety of video, display images and text, images and clear picture quality, a variety of computer information, graphics, pictures and second, three-dimensional animation, data storage capacity, and with simultaneous display. can be applied to a large square, finance, tax, business, telecommunications, sports, outdoor advertising, industrial enterprises, major sports venues, transport, education system, railway stations, docks, airports, shopping Department Store , hospital, hotel buildings, banks, concert site, securities, construction, hotel meeting rooms, auction houses, industrial enterprises, management and other public places.
      4 LED electronic billboards installed
      Outdoor LED display has a background of bright, complex climate (humidity, dust), open space, etc., so a higher demand for LED, Blue through outdoor full color display, full account of environmental requirements:
      (1 high brightness: The 2R1G1B design and ultra-high brightness of the die, even in the sunny day, you can clearly see the picture on the screen.
      (2 waterproof design: using a special box structure, the surface of a professional plastic packaging, water tank and the back design of the waterproof apron, waterproof to IP65 standard level (equivalent to anti-gun shocks).
      (3) dust-proof design: a breakthrough in the traditional fan cooling upgrade for the cooling plate heat, to achieve a fully enclosed cabinet designed to be completely dust-proof and greatly extend the life of the screen.
      (4 wide viewing angle: to adapt to outdoor open space, outdoor LED with wide viewing angle Konka design, viewing angle to 110 degrees, greatly improving the visual range.

      ① Jin masts, Wu Chi rights, Xiao Bo. Microcontroller-based IAP technology LED display control system [J]. Microcontroller and Embedded Systems, 2007 (5) :45-48.
      ② Sun Xiaohui, Chen. IxCGUI graphics system based on set-top box application [J]. China's cable TV, 2007 (9) :63-65.

      Links to free download

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