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  • Industry Knowledge is a window for information on professional advertising, companies and services . By developing constantly to reflect the industry's needs, The Knowledge guarantees that it is the place to turn to for advertising production  and services. A wide range of formats and flexible advertising options enables you to get your message to the people who need your services, whether they are in the production office or on location !

    • Talking identity: The value of modern identity behind

      An identification system on behalf of an idea, a style; an identification system for every taste are the embodiment of an industry; tells a moving story of noble or simple, has a thoughtful, classic, sophisticated, unique identification system, it can be said to really have a city, a business feature.

      First, the concept of urban identity
      City logo is a certain social groups through specific graphics or text symbols, manifested in various forms of carrier to achieve the goal of coherent things to identify and guide, but it is no longer confined to the identification and guidance functions; while play the heritage of civilization, beautify the environment, promote corporate culture, such as multiple functions; identifies itself "that" a lot of things, it also gives a lot of information; it is the city symbol of quality; is the identity of modern civilization.
      Identification systems engineering is a strategic image-building behavior, rather than a simple "identification card." From traditional signage to identify the system change is the product of a market economy. Market economy is the core business and packaging, packaging products, companies, brands; packaging cities, scenic spots ... ... and then when the market matured, a variety of information proliferation of information, in order to smooth off the original, copying popular, in competitive high degree of homogeneity of today, so that products and companies to Win attract public attention, an expression of individuality and cultural identity in the system has become a brand image is particularly important component of the key.

      Second, the positioning of corporate identity
      Identity is a product of the modern economy, which is different from the imprint of ancient and modern logo bearing the company's intangible assets, is an integrated enterprise information delivery media. CIS strategy identifies the image as a business major part of the image transfer process in the enterprise, is the most widely used, the highest frequency, but also the most critical element. Strong overall corporate strength, perfect management system, quality products and services, have been identified in at extends into, through continuous stimulation and repeated characterization, deep to stay in the hearts of the audience.
      Enterprises will be specific things, events, scenes, and abstract spirit, ideas, direction by special graphics, text, symbols, color expression vector in different materials, so that people see the company logo at the same time, the natural association, to the enterprise to identify with. Among the corporate and brand building, a good logo design is undoubtedly an important carrier of the accumulation of intangible assets; but if you can objectively reflect the corporate identity is not the spirit, location, industry characteristics, making unscientific, not beautiful styling looks, then, will result in business unnecessary waste and losses.

      Third, the identification of features
      1, identification of
      Identification of the key functions of corporate identity. Market economy, increasing competition, the public face of complex information, identify shapes is endless, and only features a distinctive, easily recognizable, easy to remember, profound meaning, sleek logo to distinguish it from the environment Other corporate identity, or even play a finishing touch effect, so that the audience was impressed by the enterprise, so as to enhance the value of identity.
      2, leading
      The guide identifies the various groups set up the enterprise and identifies the major reason. Identified throughout the enterprise all the business activities, in addition to representatives of the company's image, the same authoritative guide, guide people quickly reach its destination, can help people improve work efficiency, but also help improve the corporate brand building to enhance brand influence and value, and promote product sales, and thus strong corporate and brand position.
      3, art
      Corporate identity is the core element of visual communication, but also the enterprises to develop a dominant force in the dissemination of information, and features a strong artistic identity in addition to the human social environment decorated to enhance the people's spiritual, aesthetic height and taste, the same time shows the level of business services enhance and promote the rapid development of enterprises. Identified in the design process not only make the unconventional design, structure, nice shape, color properly, should also take into account the identity and relationship with the surrounding environment, logo and corporate relationship between the optional nature of the product materials, production process operability, ease of product installation reliability, maintenance of low energy, etc., which directly affect the role of corporate identity.
      4, systemic
      System identification is the business philosophy, culture, values, characteristics of the industry and reflects the appearance of business ideas, is a concrete symbol of the spirit of enterprise. ID can not be divorced from the actual situation, contrary to business purposes, the public recognition of the corporate identity corporate identity is equivalent to, so if only the surface forms of identification, identity lost its meaning, or even a negative impact on corporate image.
      5, the normative
      As the business continues to spread and business information, identify what it represents has become rich, the business activities, culture and so ultimately standardized identification. Customers will accumulate on the corporate identity of the memory, when customers continue to see the standardization of corporate identity, they will naturally think of their products and services, therefore, standardized corporate identity can be linked with customers and become a bridge between business and the audience . Standardized corporate identity is the standard enterprise management, improve management efficiency, the dissemination of corporate image, enhance corporate culture.
      6 times
      Identification is confirmed, is not immutable, as the climate and the passage of time, the changing times, the fashion impact, the historical trend evolution, changes in social background, the original logo may not fit the current environment, it requires constant maintenance updates. Changes in business direction, to accept the changes in population, but also will identify the need for innovation generated. In short, identity is always closely for enterprise and an important element of business activity.

      Fourth, the identification of value
      The city is that people work, live, entertainment integrated region, the city has activities in every corner of the crowd, all you need to identify to improve the environment. The city's identity is to ensure that the needs of social order, as a special way the human visual contact, social activities and production activities everywhere, more and show its unique function is extremely important. Such as traffic signs identification is the need to protect people's safety; large-scale business environment and a place of public services is to improve the efficiency of identity protection; airports, stations and terminals is effectively clear instructions and identification, organization flow method; large show venues instructions and labeling, garden tour logo, the logo is a medium-sized medical institutions of modern social services, quality of expression; city logo sculpture and architectural help to identify the city's image of the shape.
      Identify the added value is the refined essence of culture. Identify the characteristics of the urban environment as parks, community venues, airports, railway stations, subway, terminal-oriented system of signs, the day for your study, work, leisure and entertainment services to provide convenient point functions; it is a vector, is a carrier; is an advertising, but also a taste; the corporate culture and image of the publicity messenger, the urban environment is unique sculpture; is to introduce the city's "business card", is the modern civilization the sign.

    • Identity-oriented system planning principles set

      In an unfamiliar area, free from the impact of language and cultural barriers, we can only rely on the guidance system conveniently, quickly and accurately obtain the necessary information, and relatively free of activity which requires a certain orientation standards.
      The concept-oriented system

      "Urban-oriented system" concept by the China Institute of Standardization in China first proposed, and has done extensive and in-depth study to develop the relevant national standards. Oriented system is to guide people to carry out activities in public places comprehensive public information system. Oriented system consists of the information in public places entrance guiding system, traffic guidance systems and terminal-oriented system of three subsystems.

      The basic function-oriented system is a direction. Important auxiliary function-oriented system is to strengthen the image of the region.
      Improved guidance system is an international project the necessary software environments. In China, the guide highlights the importance of the system gradually, it has been growing attention.

      Oriented distribution system principles set

      Identified in the set-oriented planning to follow a direct, simple, straight, descending, outside to the inside, from near and far, from more to less of the basic principles:
      (A) direct: a glance, the information complete and easy to understand, clear and accurate position that; the distance from the entrance to reach the destination, the shorter the better. Moving lines change direction (180 degrees or 90 degrees) the number of small as possible.
      (B) simple: choose the direction of moving lines try not hesitate to guide the mobile identity better. In addition, to minimize the moving line between the intersection, move to eliminate interference.
      (C) Continuous: to maintain the balance of the flow line continuous, moving line must be continuous to maintain dedicated path, not to be cut off by the other non-active region, the joint development of sites in need of special attention. In addition, the moving line between the various aspects of traffic capacity, should maintain a consistent, information-oriented to avoid the formation of chain scission.
      (D) descending, outside to the inside, from near and far, from more to less; identity cards make the best use, to avoid unnecessary waste.

      Oriented system-oriented features to address is the fact that people in a strange environment to find the path problem, and to achieve this basic function, the first is the need to rational analysis and extensive planning, distribution, set work, and secondly, according to a reasonable passenger traffic analysis confirmed that the flow lines in a row-oriented information required, and the third guide element according to environmental requirements established, the shape, color, graphic design elements, the fourth, recognition that the achievement-oriented identification of the material whether the effects of its performance with the original design and environmental consistent, whether it can meet may be noted, readable and understandable principle. Note that is the identity itself can set the position, should make it clear, separate from the environment, and thus attract attention. Readability refers to the maps, text, numbers, symbols and other distinguished between each other, it depends on the stroke thickness, font format, color contrast, and lighting conditions to achieve. Comprehensibility refers to the text graphics and other related information, so that passengers can read, from knowledge to understand the information content, its accuracy of information provided by the impact. Same text, graphics group interval approach, the ranks of spacing, and other graphic design around the blank space will also directly affect the Pathfinder to determine the direction of choice.

      Sure-oriented elements from the perspective of the overall image guidance system set to a specific area of ​​a building or a bright spot, with a guiding function in the premise, in the design, layout design, material application and so should pay attention to coordination with the environment , serve to enhance the overall image of the environment. Building structures with the perfect combination to give up the current patch to the phenomenon of building structures, from architectural design to start, considering the advance reservation, so as to achieve closer integration of the role of improving the image of the grade. Through the deepening of the process design of the program designed to protect oriented system perfectly.

      Art Design
      Accordance with the international design, with reference to national standards and establish the basic design features of the project's own style. Design to meet the environmental characteristics, based on integration into the environment, the perfect realization-oriented functions. Taking into account local characteristics and environmental and cultural characteristics.

      Design through the use of new materials, new processes, new technologies to design beautiful appearance, value-added products to enhance and promote product design optimization. Identification of the product image through innovative research, product design from the image to be the collation of information coordination, man-machine environment system as the starting point of functional integration, achieved through the design of functional products, cognitive, aesthetic and pleasant character, precisely to create a novel structure, attractive appearance of the product image, to meet the psychological needs of people's aesthetic, the image of the system to achieve product and viewer interaction.

      Material design process
      Process for the production based on ergonomic principles, focusing on ease of use, reliability, installation, and maintenance of low anti-destructive nature. Using a large number of proprietary technologies to complete process design. Design in achieving full advantage of the visual material characteristics at the same time, considering the application materials, surface treatment, strength of assurance, installation, maintenance costs and other key sectors; ensure personalized while achieving the best price.
      Oriented system of evaluation criteria
      The unity-oriented system settings;
      Identifies the location of the set-oriented rationality;
      Identify whether the number of set-oriented amount (too much will cause confusion Pathfinder, too little information due to insufficient path shows chain scission);
      Identification of highly oriented;
      Identification with the environment-oriented coordination;
      Identification of the text-oriented;
      Oriented logo design;
      Oriented identification of color;
      Oriented identity arrow;
      Standard application-oriented system.

      Countries have implemented the current standard for graphics-oriented marketing, leaflets and other guidance can be issued by way of audience popularity; deepening of the current national standards for design, setting, form, graphic information and other aspects of sound, and a pilot project to demonstrate to promote the formation of standardization. Collection of industry-oriented systems can be implemented to develop standardized requirements, operational standards direction, project plans, the guidance system was gradually improved.

      To contribute to the city-oriented system, guidance system and a specific area of ​​the city-oriented system should maintain unity in the context and character of the design features, but the provision of information should service-oriented system as a whole.

      Research-oriented system, long way to go, their rational comprehensive planning and design, combined with personalized coordination of the design features and the environment, urban-oriented system would be the city has a special function but beautiful landscape!

      A good identification system should first meet the expressed principle that functional, systematic and aesthetic principles.
      1. Logo design should meet the most basic "index, orientation," the functional principle. To clarity, easy to work on the cognitive, or even the best design and materials of construction can not be regarded as a successful logo.
      2. Systematic identification system requires a full set of process and other details from the specifications must be to reflect the characteristics of identity, not different attitude, it is lost, because the ultimate purpose is to logo design for business use, rather than for display of art. Of course, without affecting the overall premise of unity, to meet the aesthetic principles, proper art, personalize the design with the unified standard is complementary.
      3. Note that the function and content identification and try not to repeat the contents of electronic facilities nearby, but should complement each other and other facilities, and environmental coordination body, full use of modern simple identity, personality, full of human well-designed to the interaction the effect.
      4. Identification of other production processes, customers be provided with reference to the closure of kind of manufacturing or national ministerial project quality standards for acceptance.
      5. Standardized identification system used mainly on the production of the social mainstream of identification materials, combined with its flexible characteristics of processed products. Personalized identification system for corporate image positioning and promotional needs, using a variety of materials, processes, and the combination of shape and made of very personalized products.

    • Through the outdoor advertising on Urban Landscape

      City outdoor advertising, is set in the urban outdoor space, all kinds of information dissemination medium body, which is constituted by a variety of advertising entities in the landscape system. In the urban landscape design, outdoor advertising landscape and construction, transportation, greening urban landscape system and home work together to form the city's geographical space and visual interfaces. Urban landscape urban visual environment, image and information delivery systems an integral part of the coordinates of one of the city's recognition. Outdoor advertising and urban attendant, a reflection of modern urban Development process. At the same time, urban outdoor advertising landscape design, urban landscape master plan should be conducted to better integrate into the urban environment, urban culture background, reflecting urban connotations.
              Outdoor advertising outside the city
              Abroad, the city outdoor advertising outdoor advertising landscape very focus on the organic integration with the surrounding landscape. Britain's third largest city of Manchester is an important industrial city, where the rarely seen 'symbols of modernity' and 'skyscraper', is still colorful eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings. Plaque in the city, commercial advertising, signage and so on, corresponding with the surrounding environment, seamless, filling urban style. There, large-scale computer inkjet outdoor advertising, usually set in urban construction and road maintenance on the enclosed. Store signs and advertisements, both engraved flower box, the traditional form with modern Technology advertising. The streets of the phone booth, book kiosks advertising, with a typical European style, can be said for a visit. Bus body advertising design cleverly roof of goods, mostly larger model. Clear guidance system throughout the city, traffic flow and outdoor advertising to achieve the effect of the urban landscape of the city's excellent visual effects.
              Cities on the Mainland outdoor advertising
              Rapid economic Development so that domestic city's outdoor advertising continued to expand the overall scope, its design and setting increasingly being taken seriously, but because of lack of management in the examination and approval based on unclear criteria, there has been advertising media fragmentation problem. Thus causing a more serious outdoor advertising 'big, miscellaneous, disorder and poor' phenomenon, urban visual environment has been 'advertising pollution' is a serious threat.
              Intensive areas in the commercial buildings, billboards are often ruthlessly package; around the railway station square, has been devoured by advertising images; high-rise buildings towering rooftop advertising is set, the lack of integration with the surrounding environment; building wall ads and set up shop signs random, the effect disorder; ads complicated overlay, level of non-Zhang; Even worse, some of the serious outdoor advertising block traffic signal ... ... the scales of balance, lack of decorative outdoor advertising, both to bring not pretty and rough urban feeling advertising messages are also not conducive to effective communication.
              Urban outdoor advertising landscape design countermeasures
              Urban outdoor advertising and urban landscape should be the unique local culture, history, folklore, architectural style of integration, set the form of a single, craft production of similar, there is no intrinsic link with the urban culture of outdoor advertising, will affect the city's image characteristics and urban features and content display, outdoor advertising landscape design must be coordinated with the overall urban environment. We should urban aesthetics, urban landscape science point of view, multi-level, comprehensive analysis, and recommend to the outdoor advertising landscape design solutions.
              Integrity Principles
              Urban Outdoor advertising in urban landscape design as part of the overall design of the space environment is also an important visual extension of urban landscape, to the streets, squares, landmark buildings, and so as the carrier of outdoor advertising can not be separated from the environment outside the urban visual landscape, while the need to integrate theDesign . Outdoor advertising is the values and cultural significance of a physical and chemical form, it can not be different from the original urban style, the commercial value of outdoor advertising should be more cultural values through advertising and environmental landscape values reflected in, outdoor advertising should be able to help in cities to improve the overall visual quality of the environment.
              Controlling principle
              Control, in the outdoor advertising planning is particularly important. Outdoor advertising in urban landscape planning and control of the premise, regardless of density, color, or shape, lighting, etc., which should be in harmony with the urban environment, in line with the overall visual landscape and the City's 'master-slave relationship'.
              The first is reasonable to control the density. Outdoor advertising control is the density of different regions according to the characteristics of advertising facilities for reasonable control of 'body and the amount of' relationship, so that outdoor advertising density orderly, patchwork. For example, in traffic arteries area, outdoor advertising is not easy to set the density is too large, you can display the contents of concise, eye-catching billboards, to facilitate people's mobility visual impact; commercial center locale greater density of outdoor advertising, we must fully consider the coordination of the surrounding environment; functions of the center refers primarily to government agencies, cultural and educational institutions, medical units, large and medium enterprises, set up outdoor advertising content and density should be based on the characteristics of the functional departments around specific considerations. Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download
              The second is a reasonable control of color. Every city has its own city color, urban environmental systems, including color formed by the concrete urban architecture color the environment and by geography, history, folklore and other elements of city image consisting of an abstract color environment. Urban outdoor advertising and urban architecture color should be unity, and should undertake the task of the spread of urban image color. Color control outdoor advertising outdoor advertising is mainly reflected in the choice of primary colors, how the inherent color system from the city to find inspiration, and to give a presentation of the times is the outdoor advertising the importance of color planning ideas.
              The third is the form of reasonable control. The monomer form of outdoor advertising control, the outdoor advertising can be antique, be modern, can be representational, but also the abstract, the monomer form should be the urban landscape of the new elements, new symbols and effective components, it must have integration with the environment , and can take into account the economy and effectiveness of the media. Combination of outdoor advertising control between the groups was more complex, stressing between advertising, media, objects and buildings between the media objects and the streets of the environment combination. Shape the landscape of the outdoor advertising control, integration of the entire visual environment essential work.
              The fourth is a reasonable control of lighting. Reasonable control of lighting, refers to the rational use of lights, in different regions of the lighting requirements and means are different.
              Some regions such as central business district, outdoor advertising is needed is all the lighting, various forms of lighting; non-commercial downtown area of outdoor advertising, you simply illuminate to meet the basic functions can be bright at night. Outdoor lighting is planned for the functional characteristics of different regions of the strength of advertising lighting, an integrated dynamic and static control.
              Outdoor advertising through urban landscape design, you can reconstruct urban landscape system, and effectively improve the urban outdoor advertising in urban landscape, city image, urban visual damage to the environment, to achieve urban outdoor advertising to expand urban space, shape the city's image, enhance the urban quality, to promote urban economic Development, promoting urban sustainable Development of the mission and achieve the harmony between man and nature, optimizing the living environment, economic and social benefits and common progress, the landscape visual aesthetic effects and social Development 'symbiotic' ultimate goal. Speed up the outdoor advertising landscape of modern urban design, planning, managing the pace of play to urban outdoor advertising landscape in the construction of a modern urban landscape of the special role of the new century and improve the urban quality, to boost its performance edge, expand the city's influence in shaping the city's personality, charm an important way.
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